Is This What Lady Gaga Calls a Fun Party ?

I guess, I need help understanding this. Any comments people ?

Jessica Simpson Uses Her Sausage Fingers To Sign!



omewhere in Kansas Jessica Simpson still remains relevant somehow. She even exercises her sausage fingers doing some autographs for the fans.

WWE Maryse At The Jack-A** Premiere!


WWE’s hottest Diva, Maryse Oullet, made a rare appearance at the premiere of “Jack-Ass 3D”.  She would light up a red carpet anywhere!

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WWE Bragging Rights 2010 Results!


WWE Bragging Rights 2010 seemed like a playform to continue the Nexus “push” up the roster!  They assisted Kane in beating the Undertaker and making sure he was “Burried Alive”.  Also John Cena & David Otunga won the tag team titles from Rhodes & McIntyre further cementing that Cena will not be leaving Nexus anytime soon.


  • Layla defeated Natalya to keep the Women Championship
  • Ted Dibiase beat Goldust
  • Champion vs. Champion: Dolph Ziggler lost to Daniel Bryan
  • Team Smackdown defeated Team Raw again
  • Wade Barrett beat John Cena by DQ

WWE Divas At Their Finest!


Eve flexing her biceps!


Maryse shows off her beach wear!!


The Bella Twins hanging out with Eve looking all wet and stuff.

WWE Divas Maryse & Bella Twins Party On!


This is a group of the hottest Divas in the WWE! 


The Bella Twins & Maryse are just a few of the new wave of Divas in the WWE!


WWE’s Hottest Diva! Maryse Ouellet!


Maryse Ouellet is hands down the hottest WWE Diva! 

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WWE Over The Limit Results! SHOCKING!


WWE had their “Over The Limit” PPV tonight with some shocking results!  CM Punk actually lost his hair in a match vs. Rey Mysterio in which Kane asserted himself vs. The Straight Edge Society!  Also, Jack Swagger got himself disqualified vs. the Big Show to keep his World Title; Eve defeated Maryse to keep her WWE Divas Title; R-Truth defeated Ted Dibiase; Miz & Chris Jericho lost to the Hart Dynasty in a match for the Unified Tag Titles; Randy Orton fought Edge to a double countout; Kofi Kingston def. Drew McIntyre to win the I-C Title and finally John Cena managed to make Batista say “I Quit” to keep his WWE World Title!  For about $50 bucks it sounds like the fans may have gotten what they paid for.