Paris Hilton Likes it Dat Way

Yana Gupta ‘No Panty Girl’ Uncensored Photos

Yana Gupta was at a charity event and looks like it was a publicity stunt to get media coverage. Well, What You See if What You Get :). But Yana got it even better, fans from all around the word sent the celebrity tons of panties a

s Christmas Gifts. She posted on twitter, thanking her fans. She has one less thing to worry about (does she need them or do they go to charity) ?

Is This What Lady Gaga Calls a Fun Party ?

I guess, I need help understanding this. Any comments people ?

South Park Spoofs Nascar!

South Park spoofs Nascar featuring Jimmie Johnson & Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Will Ferrell’s Fake Arm Skit w/Jimmy Fallon! FUNNY!

Anytime you can team up Will Ferrell & Jimmy Fallon you are bound to have a load of laughs.  I laughed so freaking hard during this skit I figured everyone should see it.

“Blind Side” Spoof From The Espy’s w/Peyton Manning

Something good did come out the Espy Award Show afterall and it is the spoof of “the Blind Side” w/Peyton Manning.  Pretty freaking funny!

Salma Hayek Flips Out During Interview Over Snake!

Salma Hayek wigs out over a snake crawling up into her interview area.  If I’m not mistaken, didn’t she play a serpent of sorts in “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn”?

Chris Jericho Pelted w/Glow Sticks From Crowd!

 Chris Jericho really rubs the crowd the wrong way at times and I think this time he paid the price.  The footage is kind of old but funny nonetheless.